What Makes Sockrates Special?

Itʼs a question we, and other custom providers get. There is, of course, a million reasons to list off; exceptional service, a straightforward approach and gorgeous designs.

Yet, all of this is above the surface. The second we begin our service, these qualities are apparent. We would like to focus on behind the scenes; the system that we have built ourselves on, allows all of our other aspects to exist - this is the foundation that Sockrates is built on. It took years to perfect in order to bring you unparalled service, the best custom socks, and an amazing experience.

The first challenge we faced when we started Sockrates was making sure the colours our designs were displaying were properly represented on our final product. As all companies know, branding is incredibly important - and that means our sock colours need to be perfect!

We found the solution in Italy.

Castel Goffredo

In this small town, we found the solution to our problem. Our sock factory is located a stoneʼs throw away from the yarn manufacturer. This means not only can we produce our socks with precise colour matching, we can offer it with our industry leading 7 day turnaround.

Want to learn more about our factory? Read our deep dive into the town of Castel Goffredo.


This solution created a whole new tier of custom sock options that didnʼt exist before us. Now, you donʼt have to sacrifice your design for speed!


Custom sock provider who can turn around socks in 30 days or more and has full Pantone matching


Custom provider who can turn around socks in less than 30 days but has limited colors to choose from (20-30 colors)


Custom sock provider who can turn around socks in 7 days and has full Pantone matching (This one's just for us!)

There are a million different things that make Sockrates run differently (it takes quite a few characters to get us to where we are!) but our stand-out service and socks are rooted in a strong foundation that has allowed us to offer such a unique service.


We want to hear about you! Reach out today, send us your logo, tell us about yourselves and we would love to show you what we can do.