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Check out how we streamlined our sock design process to get your incredible
custom socks delivered to your door faster than you think!

Step 1 in custom sock projects, the design

Let's Start Designing

SOCKRATES works with you to incorporate your logo and colors into a sock design which you will review and provide feedback on. We both go through this process until we get to the perfect design(s) for the sock and labels that you would like to proceed with.

Artwork Finalization

The sock and labels are finalized together
with the final quantity and the shipping date.
The invoice is paid and we are now ready
to prepare your order for production.

Step 2 in custom sock projects, the artwork finalization
Step 3 in custom sock projects, preparing for production

Prepping for Production

Our designers program your sock design
pixel by pixel for production.
In Italy we source the yarn and match it to Pantone.
The yarn is loaded onto the machines
and we are now set to begin.

Quality Control & Cross Checks

In Italy we produce a pre-production sample which we review and ensure it lines up to the approved sock. When it adheres to our quality standards we approve the sock for full production.

Step 4 in custom sock projects, quality control
Step 5 in custom sock projects, sock manufacturing

Down to the Knitty-Gritty

Socks are woven on the machines.
Each pair takes ten minutes to produce.
At this point we are ensuring there are no defects and we then put the toe on in batches of fifty pairs.

Wrapping Things Up

After the toe is sewn on we begin to steam
and iron the socks to ensure they are client ready. A label (header or band) is then put on as the final packaging and the socks are loaded into shipping boxes and prepped for UPS/DHL pickup.

Step 6 in custom sock projects, sock packaging
Step 7 in custom sock projects, shipping and delivery

Buon Viaggio!

Boxes are picked up and a tracking number is sent to you to follow the shipment on route to you. You receive them and the socks are ready for you to incorporate into your marketing initiatives!

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