Sock Lengths & Sizes

One size fits most is our most popular sock size. It fits almost any adult and is a great fit for men sizes 7-12 or women sizes 8-13.

95% of our socks are made in one size fits most size.The socks are made out of high quality cotton and have a good stretch to fit a wide range of feet.

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Same size socks for Men's size 12, women's size 8.
Same size sock. Men's size 12, women's size 8.
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Benefits Of One Size Fits Most Sizing

Fits Most Adults
  • Great for men and women

  • One size for everyone

A Practical Solution
  • No leftover boxes with socks

  • Made with stretchy cotton to fit a wide range of feet

  • Reduced decision-making

  • Less risk of fitting issues

In case you are looking for specific sizes for a more targeted audience, here is a chart of sizes we offer:
Adult Large
Men: 9 - 15
Women: 10 - 14
Adult Small
Men: 5 - 9
Women: 6 - 10
9 - 11 years
2 - 4 years
5  - 7 years
7 - 9 years
0 - 24 months
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Multiple branded custom socks by Sockrates Custom Socks

Sock Length

Most of our sock types are available in multiple lengths and sizes.
Here is a chart of our most popular sock lengths:
Sock length graphic from Sockrates
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