It’s All About The Sock Style

So, you’re sitting at your desk (or wherever that may be these days) and you’ve spent hours upon hours Googling new branded gifts and giveaway ideas. You’re stuck. You want to wow people but you also don’t want to send another predictable swag item.

You’re grateful to the people who have supported you or stood by your side to keep business going through these ever-changing times. You want to really show them what that means to you. This time, you want to see people enjoy your gift or swag item. Where does this leave you?

Last year, those mugs and pens didn’t really wow anyone. What gift could be useful, practical, stylish, and appreciated?  Maybe such a thing isn’t really out there… HOLD ON. The answer is custom socks! Custom socks can be designed exactly how you want, in the styles and fabrics that will wow your crowd and sending them off in comfortable style for longer than a few minutes, speaking of which… where are those pens from last year?

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Why Us?

Sockrates Custom Socks is the leading custom sock manufacturer in the biz. We set ourselves apart from start to finish. You can count on us to provide beautifully designed socks with unlimited revisions through our signature design process, custom labeling, 7 day (and industry-leading) turnaround times, worldwide shipping to your door (or someone else’s), and absolutely no hidden fees ever. We’ve made the process super easy. Low order minimums make custom socks an option for every level of company or organization.

People love using socks for anything from corporate swag, trade show giveaways, promotions, donor giveaways, and virtual worker gifts to member gift packages, holiday gifts, and company store retail items. The ways in which you can use socks are truly endless.

We manufactured over 500,000 custom socks last year alone. Our customers love the process and come back time and time again with new designs and ideas. After all, who doesn’t love a quality pair of socks?

I’m in… What’s next?

We carry the perfect selection of socks to choose from. Whatever the occasion or use, we can provide a sock style that is just right. We always encourage our customers to have a look through our different sock styles before beginning the design process so that we can help you decide which sock-style best suits your needs.

We offer three types of sock categories; classic, premium, and organic. Our classic socks offer the best value without compromising on quality. Our premium socks have a high-end feel with the best design quality available. The organic line offers a luxurious knitted organic cotton – our most eco-friendly sock, perfect for brands that align with earth consciousness values. Each category offers slightly different timelines and high-end quality fabrics. What you need all depends on what’s best suited for your purpose and brand.

Our various lines offer athletic socks, dress socks, grip socks, wool socks, retro tube socks, organic socks, and compression socks. We’re happy to guide you through the choices if you’re not totally sure what would work best.

The Classic Cotton Dress, Premium Dress, Athletic Socks and Grip Socks

Our classic cotton dress socks, premium cotton dress socks, athletic socks, and grip socks are our best sellers. These types of socks are perfect for casual and business outfits and use. They are soft and durable which makes them the most versatile when it comes to giveaway items. We produce these fab socks in unisex, one-size-fits-most sizing.

For each of these sock types, you can choose between the crew, knee-high, ankle, or no-show lengths which include a reinforced toe and heel for maximum durability. Each pair of socks are made in Italy from high-quality mercerized cotton with varying order minimums depending on your choice.

The Wool Cabin Socks

Our custom wool cabin socks are a unique and practical gift that can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer (yes, and it’s little-known fact!). Perfect for any time of year, these socks offer a luxurious option for your swag item needs and will really help your brand send that warm and fuzzy feeling. These socks are made from high-quality merino wool and make a great gift with one size fits most and unisex styling. Reinforced toes and heels are available in crew and knee-high length.

The Retro Tube Socks

These socks make a throwback statement your recipients are going to love! The unisex “retro vibe” pays homage to cool casual attire which pairs well with the  “athletic hanging out” vibe. This style has become increasingly popular, especially amongst young brands looking to stay on-trend. These mercerized cotton, one-size-fits-most socks are made in Italy with reinforced toes and heels available in crew, knee-high, ankle, and no-show options.

The Organic Cotton Socks

Our newest addition to our line of custom socks is the organic cotton sock line. These socks are increasingly popular, especially with companies who like to show their commitment to environmentally conscious practices. These unisex socks are one size fits most and crafted in Italy with reinforced toes and heels. Our certified organic cotton socks are perfect if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint (pun intended). Offered as a high-quality eco-conscious option available in crew, knee-high, ankle, and no-show length.

The Compression Socks

These supportive socks are a hit for anyone who spends hours on their feet and for the baby boomers on your gift list. Our custom compression socks have true graduated compression to properly support tired and achy legs. Available in knee-high length sizes XS-XL these socks will really help show your support (last pun, we promise).

You’ve Got This!

With a wide assortment of custom sock choices, we’re here to help you design exactly what you have in mind. We’ll always be here to answer your questions and we know you’ll be satisfied with the end result because we guarantee it! Your next swag gift doesn’t have to end up in the landfill. We’ve got what you’ve been looking for!

SWAG Gift Fact: SWAG, with practical use, will have a greater impact on your branding and marketing efforts. The more useful and unique your chosen item is, the more exposure you get for your brand. Socks are a win-win!

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Samuel Moses

We offer custom socks of all types and sizes (baby to adult) and lengths (no-show, ankle, crew, knee-high, and over the knee). We pride ourselves on being authentic Italian custom sock manufacturers with the highest level of quality and service for our customers. Try us out today!

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