Use Custom Socks To Make Your Workplace More Comfortable And Stylish

While it can be tricky to find something that shows you appreciate everything your team does for your company, custom socks can be a great first step.

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Feet spend all day on the floor and deserve some comfort!

Comfortable custom socks with branding.

A healthy and comfortable employee is a productive team member. You might have snacks, drinks, and creative ways to unplug while on a break – all great ways to have people return to work refreshed and ready to perform.

What if you could increase the time they are comfortable and productive? One way we’ve seen that works is to make sure that their feet stay comfortable all day long. That’s why it is important that your employees wear comfortable socks and shoes at work. Let’s look at some of the best reasons why:

  • Good foot health is essential to overall well being. An employee with poor foot health will be less productive and may miss workdays or find it difficult to get through an entire shift.
  • Comfort matters! Wearing uncomfortable shoes can lead to back pain, blisters on feet, corns and calluses caused by friction between two surfaces (such as between the shoe and heel), ingrown toenails and even bunions if left untreated over time without proper care from specialists like podiatrists who specialize in treating these conditions so prevention tips should be taken seriously when choosing footwear especially if you suffer from sensitive areas such as heels etcetera.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable you are distracted and can’t focus on tasks or make the best use of your time. That can lead to employee turnovers and low morale.

Lace up those walking shoes for a daily walk

Walking is a great way to get the blood flowing and clear your mind. It’s also a great way to stay fit, sleep better, and an easy way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging regular fitness can be a net gain for both the business and employee. We think custom socks, specifically athletic socks, can be a great way to start a program with in-office and remote employees with walking or regular exercise being a central theme.

Absorbent and breathable

Sweating, wet feet and blisters are the bane of anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. In colder months, it can feel like you’re walking around on ice blocks or wearing oversized oven mitts. Our wool or woven cotton socks are designed with comfort in mind – absorbent, breathable, and soft against the skin.

Keep comfortable and warm, AND stylish, in cooler months with a great design on a custom wool sock or stay cool and collected with branded dress socks all year long.

Showcase your brand to new clients

For businesses of almost any kind, custom socks can display your creative and unique style in a fun and memorable way to potential new clients. Customized clothing in general catches a person’s eye, especially in highly visible areas such as the feet!

You can use custom printed socks as giveaways at events or trade shows to help market and build brand awareness for your company. They’re also perfect for networking events like conferences where attendees wear their logo-adorned attire all day long—which means they’ll be surrounded by other people with branded items on them!

If you’re looking for more ways that custom branded socks could work for your business, check out our blog post about why we think custom printed socks make great gifts for employees!

Add Custom Socks To A Employee Or Customer Appreciation Package

Creating branded customer gifts or employee appreciation package can lighten a person’s day whether for a special occasion like the holidays or as a thank you gift. Pair custom socks with other seasonal gifts and you have a great way to appreciate a client or team member.

Custom socks as part of a gift package for customers or employees.

Why Not Try Seasonal or Campaign Based socks for refreshed and motivated brand ambassadors

We love custom socks for the holidays, but we also love them all year long! Depending on your company, a seasonal branded sock can re-energize customers and employees alike and add a spring to their step.

When you have a new product launch, branded clothing – like custom socks 😉 – can help turn anyone into a brand ambassador just by walking out the door. Depending on your sales and marketing cycle, creating branded socks for employees to go with your launch can get your brand seen in places you would normally not be able to without great cost.

Socks are an excellent branded gift because they can be used every day, one size fits most making ordering easy, and customized with your company logo. Our designers are really good at making stylish branded custom socks and your marketing dollars go further – literally with each step.

There are few things that feel better than putting on a brand new pair of socks! Let us help you put a comfortable branded set of socks on your employee or customer – we’re waiting. 😉

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