Benefits of Wearing Grippy Psych Ward Socks in Psychiatric or Mental Hospitals


Psych ward socks, specifically designed for patients in psychiatric facilities, are a crucial element in ensuring safety, comfort, and reducing self-harm risks in psychiatric facilities.

With over a decade in the custom grip sock business, Sockrates knows all about the benefits of comfy, soft and functional non slip socks for patients in psychiatric facilities or psych wards.

In this article we'll help you better understand all things related to custom grippy socks and mental health professionals.

Let's get right into it.

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The Purpose of Psych Ward Grippy Socks

A pair of hospital non slip socks with grippy soles to prevent falls at psychiatric wards
With us, hospital socks can be non slip and stylish at the same time

Non-slip socks, affectionately known as “grippy socks” for patients, serve multiple purposes during psychiatric hospitalization.

They help prevent falls, provide comfort, and reduce self-harm risks for patients and mental health professionals.

In psychiatric wards, patients' shoes are often confiscated as a safety measure to prevent patients potential self-harm or harm to others; therefore, non-slip socks or grippy socks become crucial, providing grip, traction and comfort while ensuring the well-being of the patients at the hospital.

Grippy socks can be specifically designed for patients to wear in psychiatric hospitals, with unique features tailored to the needs of individuals in these settings.

At Sockrates, non slip grips can be added to any custom sock type with endless sock designs available thanks to our expert team of Socktologists (sock designers).

Grippy socks are often made from soft and comfortable fabrics like organic cotton, merino wool or terry cloth, and psych ward socks keep hospitalized patients’ feet warm and cozy.

In addition, non-slip rubber grips on the bottom of the feet help reduce the risk of slipping and falls when patients wear them, ensuring patients safety throughout their psych wards or hospital stay.

Grippy Socks as an Online Symbol: "Grippy Sock Vacation"

In the digital age, terms and symbols can take on new meanings easily.

Such is the case with "grippy socks" and the phrase "grippy sock vacation."

The term "grippy sock vacation" has emerged on social media platforms as an euphemism for psychiatric hospitalization.

The phrase is used to refer to the time spent in a psychiatric hospital, where grippy socks are commonly worn by patients at the hospital as a protective measure.

The term is often used in online communities and forums to discuss mental health experiences in a less formal or intimidating manner, fostering a more open dialogue about mental health issues.

The emergence of the term "grippy sock vacation", has opened up discussions about mental health and significantly reduced the stigma associated with hospital and psych ward stays.

Prevent Falls and Slipping With Non Slip Socks

Psych ward socks primarily aim to prevent falls and slipping for hospitalized patients admitted to care, thereby ensuring their well-being, mental health and comfort.

These specially designed non slip hospital socks have a rubberized socks pattern that prevent patients from slipping and falling in psychiatric facilities.

The task of choosing suitable hospital socks for patients, of course, falls under the responsibility of the mental health professionals.

According to a study published in the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, falls are one of the most common accidents in psychiatric hospitals, with approximately 30% of these falls resulting in injury.

Implementing the use of non-slip socks has been shown to prevent falls and significantly reduce the risk of these incidents, improving patient safety and overall well-being in psychiatric care facilities (Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing)

Supplying patients with non-slip socks and footwear is one way mental health professionals can help lower the risk of slip and accidents, fostering a safer environment during psychiatric hospitalization.

Comfort for Patients at a Hospital

Non slip socks can prevent slipping and improve mental health during hospital stays
Quality grippy socks make the hospital stay a better experience for patients

Comfort in psychiatric hospitals is paramount for patients as it can have a positive effect on their mental health issues, symptoms and overall well-being.

Hospital socks contribute to this comfort by providing warmth and softness, making hospitalized patients feel more at ease during the course of their psychiatric hospitalization.

Plus, the familiar feeling and routine that comes with wearing non skid socks, can help patients feel more secure and at ease in an environment that can often be overwhelming and lacking genuine human connection.

Research has shown that providing comfort items like customized non-skid socks can improve patient happiness and reduce the risk of stress and the need for seclusion and restraint in psychiatric hospitals (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry).

Reducing Self-Harm Risk

One more vital feature of hospital socks or grippy socks is their contribution to lowering self-harm risk in psych wards and hospitals.

By eliminating the need for shoelaces or other potentially harmful items that people wear daily, these socks contribute to a safer environment for the patients.

The concern of mental health professionals is in maintaining security for everyone at the psych ward, through the selection of suitable footwear and socks and the removal of footwear with potential hazards, like laced shoes or slippers, from the patient’s surroundings.

Sockrates: A Sustainable Solution for Gripped Psych Ward Socks

A pair of custom hospital grip socks by Sockrates
Hospital socks can be created using any custom sock style your hospital wants (athletic, wool, dress etc)

Sockrates is the go-to custom sock manufacturer for those seeking a sustainable and ethical solution for hospital socks and psych ward socks. Our company is committed to:

  • Sourcing materials from suppliers who adhere to sustainable and ethical standards
  • Collaborating with partners that ensure safe working environments
  • We offer the use organic materials like organic cotton and eco-luxe wool in our non-slip socks, ensuring both durability and comfort for patients who wear our socks.

Beyond our dedication to sustainability, Sockrates can provide any hospital with the convenience of bulk orders on hospital socks all by filling out a simple form.

With a minimum order quantity of 60-100 pairs, hospitals and mental health professionals can easily stock up on these essential socks, ensuring that patients’ footwear needs are met with ease and efficiency.

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

Sockrates offers organic custom socks that are produced without the use of harsh chemicals, promoting environmental well-being and minimizing potential health risks for both workers and consumers.

Read our blog on the many great benefits of organic cotton here.

Choosing Sockrates assures customers that their psych ward socks are produced with total regard for the environment and the people involved in the production process.

Ordering Hospital Socks in Bulk

The process of bulk ordering custom non slip socks from Sockrates is straightforward.

Your hospital can order any amount of hospital socks in any style, saving money and receiving the order on time.

We offer custom bulk non slip socks for both men and women, with a variety of customization options and sizes to suit your Hospital stay needs.

Sockrates will guarantee your hospital and patients have the most stylish sock drawer with fashionable and functional hospital socks that address every safety concern and enable patients feet to feel cozy and warm.

Customizing Mental Hospital Socks with Sockrates

A patient wearing a pair of hospital socks, also known as "non slip socks" to prevent falls
Create non slip socks for patients who appreciate comfort and quality

Sockrates offers an extensive range of customization options for our psych ward socks.

Thanks to our free design services and unlimited Pantone color matching, customers can create custom grip socks that align with their hospital branding guidelines and also provide essential safety features for patients to wear.

Uniquely branded psych ward socks can enhance mental health by providing a sense of familiarity and personal touch, which can of course significantly reduce stress levels.

Free Sock Design Services

Sockrates offers free design services (with free revisions!) for their custom non slip socks, allowing you to create unique and visually appealing grip sock designs that cater to their specific needs.

From classic diamond patterns to compression socks with reinforced toes and heels, Sockrates can bring your vision to life without any additional cost.

Pantone Color Matching

To maintain and ensure brand consistency in custom socks made for hospitals and other institutions, Sockrates uses Pantone color matching technology.

This guarantees accurate color matching in the design process, allowing customers to achieve the exact colors they need for their custom hospital socks to wear.

There is no sense in getting branded socks if you aren't able to get the exact blue or the exact yellow of your logo or branding elements.


In conclusion, psych ward socks play a vital role in ensuring patient safety, comfort, and well-being in psych ward hospitals.

Non slip socks can prevent patients from falls and slipping and provide warmth and familiarity that, of course, make a more enjoyable hospital stay.

These customized hospital psych wards socks will surely have a lasting impact on patients’ mental health journey.

With Sockrates offering sustainable, ethical, and customizable psych wards sock solutions, hospitals can continue to provide the best care and support for their patients in need by creating the highest quality non slip socks.

If you are ready to start your non slip socks journey with us, get started right here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do psych wards give you grippy socks?

Grippy socks, also known as-skid socks or non-slip grippy socks are given to psychiatric patients as an alternative to shoes when their own are confiscated for safety reasons.

These specialized non slip grippy socks can provide grip and prevent slipping and falls, making them essential for a patient's security.

How do mental health professionals select appropriate psych ward socks for their patients?

Mental health professionals assess patient needs and preferences to select sock styles and features that provide safety, comfort, hygiene and are tailored to individual needs.

What materials do Sockrates use in their psych ward socks?

Sockrates can create custom non slip socks using mercerized cotton organic cotton depending on the custom sock style chosen.

Non slip grips can be added to any of our existing sock styles so you can choose a fit tailored to a variety of needs

What makes hospital socks from Sockrates different from regular socks?

Hospital socks from Sockrates are specifically designed with features like non-slip grips and can be made comfortable materials such as organic cotton and organic merino wool, which are not typically found in regular socks.

These features ensure patient safety, comfort, and durability during their stay in psychiatric hospitals.

Plus, Sockrates can customize your socks in unbelievable ways, just visit our custom sock gallery to see for yourself!

To stay updated on all the latest sock styles and to learn more about psych ward socks and bulk hospital socks, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

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