Five Of Our Most Asked Custom Socks Questions

As you can imagine, we get all sorts of questions about custom socks throughout the year. Most are related to a person’s order or a question about us and our service. Here are five of our most asked questions and some advice to go with them.

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#1 – Why should I work with Sockrates Custom socks?

Why us? We love this question! We are proud to have a unique offering for our clients and love to share that fact!  Our quick, 7 day turnaround time is the fastest in the industry. This is because our sock manufacturing factory, in Castel Goffredo Italy, is right next to the largest yarn factory in Europe.

We have access to tens-of-thousands yarns of almost every color just by visiting our neighbor next door.  This gives Sockrates Custom a unique advantage with our ability to fully match Pantone colors, and fast.   No other custom sock manufacturer can offer a 7 day turnaround time with unlimited Pantone matching.    

Our design team is another reason why we’re different.  Our team of textile artists are specialized in making branded custom socks that people will actually want to wear. The days of just “slapping” logos on socks are over!  Because of those two reasons alone, Sockrates Custom is considered a top custom sock design company.

#2 – What kind of custom socks do you produce and what is most popular?

We produce a wide range of custom socks types and styles.   We have dress socks (both heavy and light options), athletic socks, wool “cabin” socks, and retro-tube socks. We offer all of these designs in no-show, ankle, crew, mid-calf, and knee-high options in sizing options for adult, youth, and children.  When our design team starts working on your project we take this into account and know what fits a design best on the type of sock you want.

Year over year, our most popular sock is the dress sock.  We make a lot of those!   In the summer months – we see a huge uptick in Athletic socks (ankle and no-show styles are popular) and in the winter, our Wool Cabin Sock is a cold weather favorite. It became so popular we once had a client reorder it 3 times in a month!

#3 – Can I Design my Own Socks?

Of Course!  We love it when our clients design their own socks!  Our design team can support your in house designers by making sure that they have the correct templates and coach them along the way to make sure that your socks look their best with woven sock production.  

This includes color counts, sizing, and more to ensure that your customized socks (and labels and boxes) are exactly how you want them!  We pride ourselves on making sure you know exactly how your socks are going to turnout so there are no surprises when it arrives at your door.

Here are our sock templates to get you started.

#4 – What is the difference between dye sublimation and woven custom socks?

The biggest difference between woven socks and dye sublimation printing comes down to design. You’ll want to know the major difference between the two processes so that you can use the right one for your project.

Generally, if you want the most options for design, dye sublimation offers the widest range of design options – pretty much anything you can design can be printed. All-over designs or complex gradients benefit from using this method.

With woven socks you have a greater selection of high-quality threads and materials to choose from. While you need to format a design specifically for the weaving process, you will have a sock that looks great with a logo or brand design that lasts as long as the sock does.

#5 – I have multiple addresses for my sock order. Can you arrange for multiple ship-to addresses?

Definitely! We can help you ship your order to multiple addresses whether you need to ship to different offices or to individual recipients. Send your custom socks to clients, remote employees, fundraising donors, and others directly without arranging for that yourself. If your order includes custom boxes, this can be a great time-saver.

That’s a wrap!

Have a question that is not listed here or do you want to talk about an order?  Send me an email me at We’ll get started right away!

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