Custom Design Socks that are Long-Lasting and Comfortable

With all of these companies currently pushing their custom design socks these days, we know it can be challenging to vet each one and make sure that the socks you’re buying not only look great, but feel great and last a long time as well. After all, it’s not like you can try them on or even feel them before placing your order. At the end of the day, it comes down to trust.

Do you trust us to make the greatest pair of custom socks you can find on the market? Do you believe that our custom design socks will outlast any other socks out there while simultaneously looking great?

These are tough questions to answer, especially for a first-time customer. Maybe this is part of the reason so many of our orders are from repeat clients. However, we want to make things a little bit easier on you, because we know that if you’re buying branded socks for your entire team, you want them to be blown away by the final product. So let’s take a look at why each and every pair of Sockrates custom design socks last so long and remain so comfortable throughout the lifetime of the sock.

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What Goes Into a Pair of Sockrates Custom Design Socks?

If you’ve followed us for long enough, you probably already know about our entire production process. If you don’t, you can click here to read the blog about our factory and catch up before continuing on. The reason we speak so much about the process each pair of Sockrates custom socks goes through is because we’re proud.

We’re proud that we have a world-class facility where our socks are made and we’re proud of the team that helps design and produce each pair. We believe our custom socks are some of the best in the world because our process and our clients demand it.

But there’s more to it than a simple belief. You don’t earn your place as one of the top custom sock providers in North America by just believing. No, our socks and our process differ from our competitors in quite a few ways actually.

Custom Design Socks Process

In fact, our socks are different right from the jump, because of the type of yarn we use. Our yarn is made from raw cotton and specially dyed using the pantone colour coding systems, which is a fancy way of saying that your socks will match your design to the exact colour hex code. A lot of companies out there currently use sublimation, which is a process that inputs dye into fabrics, but this causes poor colouring and ultimately a stretched design once you have the final product.

The second piece of our production puzzle is the creation of the first pair of socks in your order. After we’ve prepared the custom-coloured thread and loaded it into our machines, we use PMP programming to communicate the design and create the first pair. This first pair is vital, because it gives our team a chance to catch any faults in the colouring or design before we produce the rest of your order. This is where our quality control team makes their living and where we save you a killing (rhyme intended).

Even though that’s the first time in our process where we review your socks, it’s definitely not the last. Once the first pair comes out perfectly, we begin producing the rest of your order. Throughout the entire process, our quality control measures are in place, making sure that every pair of socks that come out of the machine match the first. These measures stay in place right up until the final pair of socks is sealed for delivery.

Now you may be thinking that every company has quality control in place and so what if we use the Pantone colour coding system, who even knows what that means anyways? Do those two things really put us a step above our competition? To that question, we say no. Those two pieces are two out of three pieces of the full puzzle. The final piece, is the knitting machines we use.

Our knitting machines are made directly in Italy (the same place where our socks are produced) and there have only been two companies who specialize in manufacturing these machines since 1960. These machines are truly unique and alongside our team of trained technicians, they give us the edge we need to create that perfect custom sock you’re looking for.

Our knitting process eliminates the need for several seams and ensures they aren’t leaving an imprint on your skin when you take them off. These machines, along with the other two production pieces, are what’s behind each pair of Sockrates custom design socks.

How Do We Make Our Socks So Durable?

Now we could stop there. After all, that’s a lot to take in. Except we keep seeing the same question from potential clients and we want to make sure our answer to this question is crystal clear. That question (as seen above) is, “how do you make your custom socks so durable?”

We’re not exactly sure when the focus of custom sock creators changed from durability and comfort to design and nothing else, but what we can say each of these three areas stays top of mind for us throughout our entire production cycle. Do we want your socks to look and feel fantastic the first time you wear them? Sure. Do we want them to look and feel fantastic the 50th time you wear them? Absolutely.

Our goal is to create socks that keep our clients happy for as long as possible. If that puts us out of business because no one ever needs to order more, so be it. Durability is important and to our clients, we’d even go as far as saying it’s a necessity.

So how exactly do we make our socks so durable? Well, we’ve already answered part of this question above. Our production process keeps durability in mind throughout it’s stages, from the yarn we use to how we stitch the socks, each strategy is focused on creating your socks the right way so they last.

We also know that one of the first parts of any sock to begin wearing or tearing are the pressure points (the heel and the toe). That’s why we offer a reinforced toe and heel in our custom design socks, so even if you wear them every day, that wear and tear is minimized.

The truth is, durability is at the forefront of what we do. Our promise to you is that if you order a pair of our custom socks, you’ll never have to worry about the quality.

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