16 Incredibly Cool Gifts for Employees That They'll Love

Looking to elevate your team's spirits and memorably show your appreciation?

You've landed in the right place!

Our curated list of 16 cool gifts for employees is your treasure trove of ideas that cater to a variety of interests and styles.

From the latest tech gadgets to personalized self-care packages, we've got something to make every team member feel valued and recognized.

This guide is the perfect way to demonstrate employee appreciation and find the perfect token of gratitude that your employees will love.

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1. Sustainable and Stylish Custom Socks

Unleash fun and creativity with Sockrates, where every pair is a gift brimming with unique ideas.

When it comes to choosing an employee gift, why not opt for something both practical and planet-friendly?

Sockrates marries the warmth of comfort with the virtue of sustainability.

These wardrobe staples can be made with organic materials like organic cotton and eco-luxe wool from Italian manufacturers who are committed to Fair Trade practices.

The ethos of Sockrates goes beyond the threads; it’s woven into the very fabric of our company culture.

With ethical employee practices at its core, Sockrates is a beacon of eco-conscious manufacturing and social responsibility.

Offering custom socks that boast an impressive average lifetime of 5-6 years, they prove that style and longevity can indeed walk hand in hand.

The Socktologist's Choice: Custom Sock Boxes

For a personalized gift to truly stand out, consider The Socktologist’s Choice: custom sock boxes from Sockrates.

Your employees’ feet will be wrapped in luxury with tailor-made designs crafted by expert Socktologists.

These gift boxes aren’t your run-of-the-mill swag; they’re high-quality, eco-friendly gift box options that can be customized to reflect your company’s unique identity.

What’s more, with Sockrates handling the creation, kitting, and direct shipping, you can kick back and relax while we do all the work.

2. Tech-Savvy Gadget for the Modern Employee

For the tech-savvy on the go, a sleek portable charger ranks among the best gifts, keeping their gadgets powered up and ready for action.

Tech gifts are essential tools that keep modern employees connected, productive, and ahead of the curve.

From wireless charging pads that declutter desks to 5-in-1 charging sets that power up all their devices at once, these tech treasures are a perfect gift to show appreciation for the hard work your team pours into each project.

For the jet-setting staff members, waterproof laptop bags and Bluetooth trackers are a godsend as an employee gift, keeping their valuables safe and sound.

3. Quench Their Thirst with Personalized Water Bottles

Enhance your giving employees' daily routine with a custom water bottle, merging utility and thoughtful recognition in every sip.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the workday, hydration is key.

Presenting your employees with personalized water bottles is more than just a meaningful gesture.

Stainless steel options keep beverages cold and speak to the character of your workforce.

Each sip from these bottles serves as a refreshing reminder of your company’s support, helping employees stay hydrated and healthy.

4. Culinary Subscription Box as Corporate Gifts

Gift a Culinary Month Club and elevate your dining experience with a gourmet subscription box that promises a delightful culinary journey every month!

The excitement of culinary exploration is universal.

Surprise your employees with a curated employee gift in the form of subscription boxes, indulging them in an array of flavors that range from gourmet breakfasts to authentic international snacks.

Each delectable box, delivered monthly, acknowledges their diligence and keeps spirits high.

For remote workers, the Remote Breakroom delivers essentials in the office like premium coffee and snacks right to their doorstep, making them feel included in the company culture.

It’s a gesture that says, “We care about your work experience, no matter where you are.”

5. Desk Decor and Office Essentials

Starting a new job in person becomes an exciting moment to personalize your space with unique desk accessories that reflect your style.

Each workspace represents a personal sanctuary where the right decor can enhance both employee morale and productivity for the entire team.

The joy employees will experience with a new ergonomic chair or a stylish Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Easel is palpable.

Far from being standard office tools, these essentials signify your commitment to their comfort and professional accomplishments.

Some of the best ideas for creative desk accessories, that can add color and personality to your desk include:

These little things, often referred to as office supplies, can transform an ordinary desk into an inspiring hub of creativity.

6. Wellness and Self Care Packages

A wellness-focused gift is a genuine expression of employee appreciation, embodying care for their well-being and gratitude for their dedication.

In the whirlwind of modern life, a wellness-focused employee gift becomes an enduring token of appreciation.

Thoughtfully prepared self-care packages brimming with soothing balms, hand moisturizers, and wellness teas demonstrate your regard for your employees’ well-being.

These custom packages allow each team member to handpick items that align with their personal care regimen.

Whether it’s a self-heating mug for their favorite tea or a soy-based candle to unwind after a long day, these gifts are a personal touch that speaks volumes.

It’s about giving them the resources to relax and recharge, so they can bring their best selves to work, family, and life.

7. Fashion Forward Personalized Gifts

The perfect practical gift; custom apparel, featuring stylish hats and t-shirts that will make every member feel like family.

Custom apparel intertwines company pride and individual style.

Custom-made shirts and hoodies, featuring the company logo, serve as stylish attire for virtual happy hours or casual Fridays, embodying your team’s spirit.

More than just clothing, these items act as symbols of unity and camaraderie, ideal for shared celebrations.

8. Sockrates Custom Socks

Give the gift of comfort and style to your employees with Sockrates' custom sock boxes, a step towards a happier, more fashionable team.

Sockrates combines style with sustainability. Our custom socks, crafted from organic materials, make a statement with every step.

While we've already touched on Sockrates' eco-friendliness, more features make these custom socks the ideal employee gift.

These custom socks are made from top-tier materials and can be expertly crafted with free revisions to ensure they meet your exact specifications.

Whether you're looking for crew socks, ankle socks, or any other style, Sockrates has you covered. Plus, we offer global shipping in 7 days or less, making them an efficient and stylish choice for your gifting needs.

9. Adventure Gifts for Thrill Seekers

Surprise gifts are a fantastic way to express employee appreciation, and most people love the unexpected joy they bring to the workplace.

For thrill-seekers, nothing surpasses experiences such as escape room challenges or skydiving vouchers.

These adrenaline-charged adventures transcend gift-giving norms and create indelible memories, making them an ideal surprise gift for employees seeking an extra dose of fun and excitement in their lives.

A travel gift card paired with a day off can be the perfect idea for your team to explore the great outdoors and return to work revitalized.

It’s a creative way to show your appreciation for their hard work by giving them the great gift of adventure and a lot more fun.

10. Literary Luxuries for the Avid Reader

Gift your employees a sense of being truly appreciated with personalized journals that capture their thoughts and creativity.

Books and journals are perfect gifts for employees who find solace and inspiration in the written word.

A thoughtfully selected book or a journal like The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges can spark personal growth and creativity.

It’s about offering them daily linguistic enrichment to feed their minds and spirits.

11. Raise a Glass: Drinkware for Every Occasion

Elegant drinkware is the perfect symbol of employee appreciation, fostering camaraderie among friends at every gathering.

Celebrate your team’s triumphs with bespoke drinkware.

These items commemorate achievements, be they monumental or modest.

Choose from elegant barware sets or premium coffee mug sets to elevate their beverage experience, whether at home or in the office.

For those who appreciate the convenience, a leak-proof Zojirushi mug or a smart coffee warmer adds functionality to their daily routine.

Including a heartfelt message can deepen the sense of recognition and make every sip feel like a toast to their efforts.

12. Green Employee Gifts for Eco-Conscious Employees

Green gifts are a thoughtful way to align with your employees’ eco-conscious values.

From reusable coffee cups to grocery gift cards made from recycled materials, these gifts are a testament to your shared commitment to the environment.

Stainless steel food containers and natural wool blankets are durable, practical, and eco-friendly choices that reflect your company’s sustainable ethos.

These gifts show appreciation while also demonstrating your dedication to environmental stewardship, making them perfect gifts for employees who have a green thumb.

13. Last-Minute Gifts to Express Thanks

Sometimes, the need to express gratitude can’t wait.

Quick-ship gifts like custom swag baskets or virtual presents create an immediate sense of celebration, recognition, and appreciation for a new employee.

They’re perfect for last-minute gifting, ensuring you don’t miss any occasion to show your employees they’re valued.

Services like Remote Breakroom have been praised for their ability to surprise and delight recipients with swift deliveries.

For those truly in a pinch, Sockrates’ unbeatable 7-day turnaround means you can give the whole company a small gift that arrives in no time.

14. Artistic Gifts for Inspired Minds

Artistic gifts are a thoughtful way to nurture the creative souls in your team.

Fine point markers, DIY craft kits, and personalized art gifts add a splash of color and the joy of creation to their lives.

These gifts are more than just objects; they’re invitations to explore and express their inner artist, making them a unique gift for your team members.

Encouraging creativity in the workplace can lead to innovation and a vibrant culture within the company.

By supporting employees’ hobbies and artistic endeavors, you’re gifting them more than an item; you’re valuing their whole selves and demonstrating employee appreciation.

15. Fitness Gifts to Get Moving

Gift your team the key to a healthy lifestyle with fitness subscriptions, designed to keep them moving and motivated.

An active body fosters a sharp mind, and fitness gifts are a great way to encourage your team to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some fitness gift ideas for the fitness enthusiasts in your office:

  • Custom yoga mats
  • Portable strength training sets
  • Fitness trackers
  • Resistance bands
  • Foam rollers
  • Water bottles
  • Workout clothes
  • Exercise balls

Fitness trackers and smartwatches serve as daily motivators, while a cooling towel mailer kit provides comfort during intense workouts.

It’s about offering them the tools to pursue their fitness goals and lead a more balanced life.

16. Global Gifting

In today’s interconnected society, international gifts deliver cultural marvels to your employees’ doorsteps.

The ‘Explore Local Box’ and exotic fruit subscription boxes provide a gastronomic journey from the comfort of home, ideal for remote team members seeking novel experiences.

These presents celebrate the diversity of your team and the larger world.

Hoppier virtual credit and gift cards let them tailor their dining experiences while tasting kits invite them to savor global flavors wherever they are.

It’s a way of gifting that broadens horizons and deepens appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our global community.


From the comfort of organic custom socks to the thrill of personalized team adventures, each employee gift we’ve explored offers a unique way to boost morale.

Whether your employees are tech aficionados, wellness seekers, or globe-trotters, there’s something here for everyone.

Remember, the perfect gift resonates with the individual, reflects the values of your company, and often includes that special personalized touch.

So go ahead, choose with care, and watch as these personalized gifts strengthen bonds and enrich the lives of those who make your business thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sockrates accommodate last-minute gift orders?

Yes, Sockrates can accommodate last-minute gift orders with its unbeatable 7-day turnaround time, making it an excellent choice for your urgent gifting needs.

What makes Sockrates custom socks a sustainable and ethical choice for employee gifts?

Sockrates custom socks are a great choice for eco-friendly and ethical employee gifts. They're made with organic cotton and wool from Fair Trade-certified farms, promoting sustainable farming.

Our company also practices fair labor and supports the community, showing a strong sense of social responsibility.

Plus, these durable custom socks combine style with long-lasting wear, making them a practical, environmentally-conscious option.

How can I ensure the gifts I choose are well-received by remote employees?

To ensure your gifts are well-received by remote employees, focus on personalization by selecting gifts that reflect their interests, values, and the work they do.

Consider using services like Remote Breakroom to deliver curated experiences directly to their homes who work remotely. This will show your employees that you appreciate and value them.

What are some creative gift options for employees who enjoy arts and crafts?

Consider giving your artsy employees fine point markers, DIY craft kits, or personalized art gifts to inspire their creativity and show your appreciation for their talents.

These gifts can provide a fun and creative outlet for them.

How can I incorporate company branding into an employee gift without being too overt?

You can incorporate company branding into an employee gift by using custom apparel, personalized drinkware, and custom sock boxes with your company's branding, which are subtle yet effective ways to make the gifts feel personal and thoughtful.

This will ensure that your employees feel appreciated without being too overt about your branding.

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