Timeless and Classic Giveaways to Enhance Your Event

Are you strategizing on the perfect classic giveaways that balance good marketing and functionality for your business events?

Our guide details the best classic giveaways to ensure your brand remains top-of-mind. From snug custom socks to indispensable tech accessories, we've got your event covered.

Bypass the guesswork and anchor your event success with these tried and tested classic giveaway ideas.

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3 Tried and True Apparel Giveaways

Gifting custom socks from Sockrates at your conference can be both a fun and great way to promote your company.
Custom Socks by Sockrates

Apparel like Custom socks are a giveaway that's more than just free stuff or futile conference swag for attendees.

They're an effective way to extend your brand’s reach, creating a mobile advertisement that keeps your company and message visible to attendees long after the event is over.

At Sockrates, we have over 5 years of experience in producing high-quality, custom socks and have proven to be a reliable partner for businesses seeking to make an impression with their giveaway and event swag.

You might wonder, what other apparel makes the best conference swag for conference attendees or event swag enthusiasts?

Let's get into some swag ideas to help you make the right choice for next conference.

1. Custom Socks

Choosing custom socks for conference goers are a great way to create lasting memories for your event and attract new customers. .
Custom dress socks by Sockrates for Calgary Summit

At Sockrates, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to brand promotions and marketing efforts.

And what could be more outstanding as great giveaway items for your conference than custom socks?

These Custom socks, crafted with meticulous attention to sustainability and style, can be customized by our expert designers to perfectly represent your brand’s ethos and aesthetic.

Our team is dedicated to creating not just merchandise, but a piece of wearable art that recipients will be excited to wear.

We offer unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction, and for those who prefer a hands-on approach, you have the option to create your own Custom socks with our user-friendly custom sock template.

Our use of the Pantone color matching system ensures precise representation of your brand’s colors, transforming these custom socks into important and fun branding tools.

2. Branded T-Shirts

Event swag ideas like branded shirts to offer attendees for events or conferences
A stylish assembly showcasing the timeless appeal of branded tees

Branded shirts are another popular choice for giveaway ideas and conference swag.

They offer a large canvas for your brand message, ensuring maximum brand exposure perfect for both in person conferences and/or a virtual event.

Producing branded t-shirts for your next conference offer attendees something they can continue to wear and use, even after the corporate event concludes.

3. Logo-Embroidered Hats

Logo-embroidered hats as giveaways or swag for conferences.
The classic giveaway of choice, logo baseball caps blend fashion and function

For a stylish and practical giveaway, consider creating logo-embroidered hats. Whether it's a classic baseball cap for a sports-themed event or a trendy snapback for a music festival, a hat featuring your company's logo can serve as a walking billboard.

3 Time-Honored Giveaway ideas

These classics, such as branded pens, personalized keychains, branded tote bags or drawstring bags and a custom water bottle offer daily utility and consistent brand visibility.

This makes them a popular gift choice for both trade shows and corporate events.

Let’s walk through these gift ideas for potential clients.

1. Custom Pens

Custom pens as gifts for potential customers
From vibrant colors to personalized touches, these custom pens transform the act of writing into a truly individual experience.

A pen might seem like a simple gift item, but don’t underestimate its power.

Let's be real, we lose pens like socks in a dryer, so we always need another one.

Gifting branded pens are an affordable item people will use regularly, and even when they inevitably disappear, they're probably in the hands of someone new, spreading your brand even further.

2. Personalized Keychains

Personalized keychains with various designs
Consider adding a light to personalized keychains for an extra touch of utility

Personalized keychains are another classic promotional item that can effectively promote your brand and won't break the budget.

These small but useful items can be customized with various designs, offering a unique way to showcase your brand.

We suggest adding a small but powerful LED light to your keychain, transforming it from a novelty into a necessity – helping your attendees find the keyhole in the dark with ease.

If you're looking for a simple or complex design, a keychain can be a constant companion for your attendees.

3. Branded Tote Bags

A branded tote bag to offer your attendees t you
Custom totes are a classic giveaway that can be used everyday

A branded tote or drawstring bag is a standout choice for conference swag.

Ditch the disposable bags for something more durable and eco-friendly. A well-designed tote not only carries other event goodies but becomes a part of attendees' everyday lives, flaunting your brand with every use.

Aim for a tote that's not just functional but stylish too, with a design that resonates and a clever phrase that turns heads. It's the accessory that completes the minimalist look, making a subtle yet bold statement.

Tech-Based Giveaways

Tech-based items to give at your events
From custom cases to engraved devices, explore a realm of tech gifts that turn gadgets into cherished, classic giveaways

In our digital age, tech-based trade show giveaways are a hit and a great way to attract attendees to your booth.

These items cater to the tech-savvy generation but can offer attendees practical value that improves their daily lives.

Custom power banks, branded USB drives and phone cases, these items provide immediate value to attendees.

Custom Power Banks

A custom power bank with a logo is a great budget option for tech swag to give at your conference.
Make your mark at events with custom power banks

A custom power bank with a logo is a great budget option for tech swag to give at your conference.

Let's face it, conferences and events can be a marathon, and some of us aren't exactly champions of the full charge.

For those who perpetually hover around the dreaded 10% battery life, a custom power bank can be a lifesaver.

Each time they plug in and see your logo, they’ll get a cheeky reminder of your brand's knack for saving the day (and their battery life), ensuring your company becomes the hero they didn't know they needed.

Branded USB Drives

Another budget option is a branded USB drives for events
Branded USB drives redefine practicality as powerful promotional tools, seamlessly blending utility with brand visibility

Branded USB drives are another tech-based giveaway that trade show attendees will find useful at a memorable event.

Whether being utilized to keep crucial documents at hand or to share files with colleagues, a USB drive emblazoned with your company's logo acts as a perpetual token of your brand.

Its compact size ensures that it can be effortlessly carried anywhere, serving as a convenient and practical gift.

Logo-Emblazoned Phone Cases

 Custom phone case with your branding to give at your event
Add a Pop-socket or phone wallet to your branded phone cases

Given the indispensability of smartphones, a branded phone case is a potent promotional tool that is certain to attract attendees.

Offering stylish and protective cases with your company design, gives attendees a fashionable accessory that is useful every day.

When considering a custom phone case for your event's swag stash, don't skip the charm of a branded pop socket or phone wallet! These little treasures are like magnets to people.

Drinkware Giveaways

Drinkware is another popular gift item at an event and/or conference.

From custom bottles to branded coffee mugs and personalized travel tumblers, these items offer practical value and provides a daily reminder of your company.

Custom Water Bottles

Custom bottles as gift items at a conference, a great way to attract attendees to your booth.
Embrace eco-conscious swag with personalized water bottles

Promoting your company and fostering healthy habits can seamlessly be achieved with custom water bottles.

They’re a tool for hydration and a statement about your company's commitment to health and well-being.

Plus, with the increasing awareness about the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles, offering reusable water bottles at your conference is a great way to highlight your company's commitment to sustainability.

Branded Coffee Mugs

Branded coffee mugs as giveaways
Start your day right with custom coffee mugs, blending your brand seamlessly into the everyday routines of your audience.

A branded coffee mug can be the perfect companion for an attendee’s morning coffee or afternoon tea.

It can be personalized with your event or branding design, providing a constant reminder of your company every time they enjoy their hot beverage.

Personalized Travel Tumblers

Custom tumblers to give to attendees at your event
Take your brand on the road with personalized travel tumblers

Personalized travel tumblers are another drinkware option for a practical value and branding opportunity.

These insulated tumblers can keep beverages hot or cold for hours and is a popular choice for people on the go.

If they’re commuting to work or heading out for a weekend adventure, a travel tumbler with your branding ensures your company is always with them.

Office Accessories Giveaways

Desk accessories make for practical and useful gifts, especially for business events.

Items such as custom desk calendars, branded notebooks, and logo-embossed sticky notes can be used daily, increasing brand visibility and keeping your company top of mind even in a professional setting.

Custom Desk Calendars

Custom desk calendars for organization
Showcase your brand year-round with a personalized desk calendar

Add custom desk calendars to your gift ideas, they are a practical promotional tool that helps attendees stay organized while promoting your company.

It can be a simple date calendar or a fun one with inspiring quotes, images and full color artwork, a desk calendar with your branding is a great way to promote your company and makes a useful giveaway item.

Branded Notebooks

Affordable trade like custom notebooks is another great way for daily branding and are sure to attract attendees for its essential nature.
Transform daily note-taking into a promotional opportunity with branded notebooks

Notebooks are a staple in any office or study environment.

A branded notebook provides a functional tool for note-taking and planning, while also serving as a promotional item.

From meeting notes to idea sketches, a notebook bearing your company's logo almost guarantees frequent usage and consistent branding visibility.

Logo-Embossed Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are essential in any office, perfect for a practical giveaway.
From quick notes to important reminders, these logo-embossed sticky notes make your brand a constant presence in daily tasks

Logo-embossed sticky notes provide a budget-friendly promotional strategy.

These can be used for jotting down reminders or marking important pages, sticky notes with your logo serve as a constant reminder of your company and is both an effective and practical gift item.

Eco-Friendly Giveaways

Eco-friendly options are a sure way to attract attendees.
Embrace sustainability with eco-friendly giveaways, offering a thoughtful and environmentally conscious touch to your promotional efforts

Eco-friendly swag are gaining popularity for their positive impact on the environment and their role in promoting a company's corporate social responsibility.

Items such as plantable seed pencils, reusable shopping bags, and custom socks from Sockrates made with organic cotton or wool socks offer sustainable value and is a powerful statement about your company's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Plantable Seed Pencils

Plantable seed pencils are a fun, unique and eco-friendly gift item that attendees are sure to remember.

These pencils double as writing instruments and plantable seeds, offering attendees a sustainable, waste-reducing option.

Custom Organic Cotton or Wool Socks

Custom socks made with Organic Cotton or Wool Socks
Sockrates Eco Luxe Wool Custom Socks

At Sockrates, we believe in promoting sustainability without compromising on comfort and quality.

Our Organic Cotton Custom socks and GRS certified wool combine comfort and quality with eco-friendliness that is an excellent giveaway choice for any event.

These Custom socks can be customized with your event or company logo, providing attendees with a comfortable and eco-friendly way to show off your brand.

Plus, we offer a variety of sock styles for you to choose from, ensuring that your event giveaways perfectly align with your brand's image and the preferences of your attendees.

Our diverse selection allows you to tailor your giveaways to the unique character of your event, making them an instant hit with recipients.

How to Order from Sockrates

Sockrates Custom Socks Process

For business owners and corporations looking to make a lasting impression at their next event, ordering from Sockrates is a straightforward process.

Step 1: Choose Your Product

Check our custom sock gallery to get inspired for your own custom sock designs
Sockrates Custom Socks Gallery

First, take a look at our work from our custom sock gallery and get inspired for your brand's design.

At Sockrates, we offer a variety of sock styles, from ankle to knee-high, and materials like premium Italian yarns.

Our options cater to your brand and event needs.

Step 2: Customize Your Order

Connect with our Socktologists to capture that perfect design for your custom socks.
Sockrates Custom Socks Design Process

Once you've chosen your product, it's time to customize it.

You can choose your company's colors, upload your logo, and even add a personalized message.

Our team of expert designers aka our Socktologists will work with you to craft a design that perfectly aligns with your company identity.

Custom Sock Packaging

For an extra touch of personalization and branding promotion, consider opting for custom sock packaging or custom sock boxes.

This addition can enhance the unboxing experience, and make your event gifts even more memorable.

You can choose a simple box with your logo or a more elaborate design that tells your company's story, custom packaging can boost your giveaways and attract attendees.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Place your order for those custom socks and be sure to check on our price breaks for more savings.
Order Sockrates Custom Bulk Socks for your event for the perfect classic giveaways

After you've customized your product, it's time to place your order.

Simply enter the quantity you need and your shipping information, and we'll take care of the rest.

Make sure to check out our price breaks for savings on bulk orders.

Step 4: Delivery

When ordering custom socks from Sockrates, we offer a 7-day turnaround time
Sockrates Custom Socks Fast Delivery Process

Once your order is placed, we'll immediately kick off the production process.

At Sockrates, we value efficiency and speed, and we're proud to offer a turnaround time as fast as 7 days to ensure your giveaways arrive in time for your event.


In conclusion, event gifts are more than just free stuff for attendees; they are strategic tools that can effectively promote your company and extend your reach.

Whether you choose apparel items like custom socks, traditional promotional items, tech-based giveaways, drinkware, desk accessories, or eco-friendly options, the key is to select items that offer practical value, align with your company identity, and cater to the tastes of your attendees.

Partnering with a trusted provider like Sockrates can ensure you deliver high-quality, customized, and eco-friendly custom sock options that will attract attendees and create a memorable event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best give away for conference attendees?

The best giveaway at a trade fair or a convention should be lightweight, easy to carry around, durable, and usable right away.

Custom apparel, stickers, pens, notepads, branded totes, reusable bags, and custom drinkware are great options to consider.

Why should I choose Sockrates for my event giveaways?

You should choose Sockrates for your custom sock giveaways because they provide high-quality, customized, and eco-friendly options that reflect your company's identity.

How can I personalize the giveaways for event attendees?

To personalize your giveaways, Sockrates provides customization options such as color matching, logo integration, and design personalization to align with your brand's style and color scheme.

Are eco-friendly giveaways more expensive?

Yes, eco-friendly options may be slightly more expensive due to the sustainable materials used, but they offer long-term value, as they are durable, reusable, and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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