Our Most POPULAR Sock One Size Fits Most

Itʼs true - our One Size Fits Most Sock fits almost any adult. 95% of our socks are made in this size, as itʼs a perfect option when you need to please everyone.

Woman's Size 7-12 Men's Size 8-13

Adult LG

Shoe Size
M 9-15W 10-14

Can be used for events for predominently men, though we reccommend the one size option

Adult SM

Shoe Size
M 5-9W 6-10

Generally used for older youth events and occassionally for events that are predominently female


Shoe size 3-9

A great sizing option for an event with a wider variety age of youths


Shoe Size 7-10

Perfect size for events for young children

Infant LG

12 mo - 18 mo18 mo - 24 mo

We offer multiple sizes

Infant SM

0 - 3 mo3 mo - 6 mo6 mo - 12 mo

We offer multiple sizes


No matter the project scope, we've got you covered! Sockrates Custom Socks are made to your exact needs, so you always get exactly what your looking for.