We Really Deliver When it Comes to Your Custom Socks!

People always ask us how it’s possible to deliver your custom sock order so quickly. It’s a great question because our 7 day turnaround is not the industry standard. Most companies deliver orders at around the 30 day mark, some 25, other companies promise 10-14 days but are rarely able to stick to it.

So, how are we able to deliver so quickly? Well, it’s a combination of processes and expertise. As soon as we have design approval from our clients, the sock-making process begins. We immediately program and design the sock pixel by pixel in BMP format. This is how our machines read the design. It takes about an hour to design and enter your custom choices after which a rigorous pre-production review takes place by our quality control team. 

Once we submit our designs, our factory in Italy matches and secures the yarns for the project and the job begins at 6:00 am the following morning. Depending on the size of the job, we use anywhere from one to eight machines to finish your job within a five-day period. Those sock machines allow us to produce anywhere from 100 to 2000+ socks efficiently and fast! Within 4 days your order and labeling are complete, then shipped on the 5th day, and delivered to you by the 7th.

How Are We Different From Other Custom Sock Companies?

One way we set ourselves apart is that we do our own BMP sock programming. Most custom sock manufacturers rely on the factory to carry out this part of the process which often leads to long wait times. Within minutes of our client’s design approval, we start the BMP programming cutting out the wait times usually experienced in manufacturing. This allows us to bypass the backlog often encountered by other companies because we don’t have to wait for the factory to complete the design process. 

Other important factors in our 7 day turnaround times are our machines, our yarn, and our staff. We have dedicated machines at the factory that are only used for our socks. We don’t wait in line behind other production runs for other companies so we have full control over our projects and how quickly they are completed. Sockrates Custom socks are produced on our machines exclusively. 

Another distinguishing factor is our proximity to the yarn factory. Our factory is situated next door to the largest yarn producer in Italy giving us access to an extensive selection of colours without having to wait for materials to be shipped to us before we begin production.

One of our best assets is our staff. We are in constant contact with the managers who run the machines and communication is key to delivering high-quality custom socks. Our “Socktologists” keep the lines of communication open and even send us photos for more complicated jobs that need extra careful consultation. We even have someone there just to make sure the colours are exact! This is how we are able to guarantee a quick turnaround time and keep the quality high for your custom socks, something most custom sock manufacturers simply can’t do.

The Secret To Our Sock-cess: Speed and Quality

You may worry that our fast turnaround time will affect the quality of the socks we produce but it’s actually the opposite. The process we’ve developed allows us to ensure the highest possible quality from design to the final product. Our quality assurance team then assesses each pair of socks that come off the line for quality and perfection. Managing every aspect of your order gives us the confidence to know we are shipping the best quality socks with the speed and precision we are so proud to guarantee.

Like many custom manufacturers, we experience busy seasons usually in the first and last quarter of the year. We often hear concerns around the Christmas season, for example, as to whether we can still meet our 7 day turnaround. Our designated machines assist in meeting these delivery times but we also have the ability to take over more machines when necessary. No matter the time of the order, we can ensure our socks are delivered within 7 days because we know how important a fast turnaround time can be, especially during busy seasons. Our customers know they can rely on us to deliver.

Delivery Is Included

Another really important feature of our 7 day turnaround is that it’s included in our pricing.

When you place an order with us you can feel confident that the design and the price will be exactly as discussed at the time of approval. We complete thousands of jobs annually with lots of different requests so you can feel confident we will deliver. 

Our socks are packed in groups of 6, each individually labeled or banded and shipped via UPS all over the world. We take care of everything until the moment the package arrives at your door. We simply do not believe in extra fees. You will never pay extra shipping fees, rush fees, setup fees, design fees, or duties on your order. Knowing your costs upfront makes ordering your custom branded socks a breeze. 

Our 7 day turnaround gives you peace of mind. Whether you are ordering for a special event or to give away custom swag to your own customers and staff we’ll be there to deliver quality within 7 days.

Fun Fact: UPS has been innovating shipping processes for over 100 years! We wouldn’t just trust anyone with your special custom sock order. 🙂