Improve Your Company Culture With New Employee Welcome Gifts

New Year, new culture! It’s that time of the year again when your employees and your organization evaluate their goals, set targets for the year, and are forced to make tough decisions. January is always the month that companies experience the greatest amount of employee turnover. While this does present a challenge, it also presents an opportunity.

Start the year (and your new employees) off on the right foot!

Yes, we mean literally start them off on the right foot (kudos to you if you caught that play on words). Any new employee will tell you, and we’re sure you’ve experienced it yourself, that the first few days/weeks at any new job is riddled with anxiety, doubt and a tendency to forget your lunch. To be honest, Eminem probably said it best: “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy… he’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready.” We’ll skip the spaghetti line just in case you’re reading this on your lunch break.

New Employee Welcome Gifts - Custom Socks

Anyways, the takeaway here is that no matter who you are or what that new job might be, those first few days and weeks are critical. Not just for you, but for the organization also. It’s well-known that giving your team gifts during their time with the company can improve their productivity, enhance their sense of community/morale and extend their stay with the organization.

So how come so many teams completely overlook new employee welcome gifts

Oftentimes, it’s because the team lead is too focused on getting them situated in their role as quickly as possible. They may even be getting pushed by upper-management to try and decrease the total downtime of that role by as much as possible, which causes this significant rush to train the new team member. All this does to a new hire is enhance those feelings of doubt and anxiety and potentially even lead to faster burnout. In a world where hiring has become a constant challenge, burning out the team members you do manage to find and hire is the worst-case scenario.

It’s important to get your new hires accustomed to their role and the organization, but it’s also just as important to ensure they feel welcome and like they’re part of the team. Gifts, especially welcome gifts for new employees, are a fantastic way to do this from the very beginning. Especially because the rate of new hire turnover is significantly greater than that of a more senior employee.

New Employee Welcome Gifts - Dress Socks

So let’s take a look at some steps you can follow to ensure that the worst-case scenario we talked about above doesn’t happen to you.

Steps You Need to Follow to Make a Lasting First Impression

We’ll keep these brief, because we know you’re busy, but we will say that if you follow these 4 steps, you’ll notice a significant improvement not only in the attitudes of your new hires, but also in their productivity and efficiency. That’s just simple sock science.

Step 1: Learn as much as you can about your new hires.

Now we’re not talking about their professional experience here, to make that clear. We’re talking about them as a human being. What are their likes and their dislikes? Are they active? Are they a dog person or a cat person? Those kinds of things. By learning about them, you can start to figure out what kinds of gifts they might like and how you can lead them in their new role.

Step 2: Clearly state your expectations for them in their role.

It’s always a good idea to have a development plan in place for new hires. By outlining how long it will take for them to get comfortable in their role, and what your expectations are for the first 3 to 6 months, you can help them deal with those initial feelings of stress they may have if they start to feel like they’re falling behind.

Step 3: Make sure they feel like a part of the team!

The main determinant of whether or not someone will last with an organization isn’t job performance, it’s their sense of belonging within their team. Take them out for a team happy hour, let them tag along during a company event even if it’s not directly tied to their role, and get them some company branded items (yes, we’re sneaking that one in there).

Step 4: Buy new employee welcome gifts for your new hires.

This one’s obvious because we’ve spent the last 10 paragraphs preaching it. However, while new employee welcome gifts are great, you should really be getting your team gifts whenever they deserve to be appreciated (which is often). 

Improve your corporate culture, increase employee retention and enhance employee efficiency by following these 4 simple steps. If you want to get started today, you can always purchase your team members a pair of branded custom socks. We’re sure they’ll enjoy them!

Otherwise, happy New Year from us to you and follow us on LinkedIn to find out when our next blog goes live.