Design Your Own Custom Sock

If you’ve had a look around our website or heard about us from a friend or colleague, you know we talk about our easy, free design process in consultation with real artists. This is one of our distinguishing factors because the process of designing socks can be challenging. We understand entrepreneurs, executives, and heads of organizations don’t really have the time to waste on complicated design processes. You need it to be easy but you also need it to be effective.

Most custom sock manufacturers offer a free design process, we’ll give them that, BUT – and this is a big one – you’ll likely be working on your own or with a general graphic designer without any clothing, let alone socks, design experience. With us, you are working one-on-one with an experienced sock designer. We offer unlimited revisions and we get it done exactly how you’ve envisioned it. Working with our artists that produce a unique rendering of your desired artwork also means that the weaving machines are programmed with your custom design. This ensures the socks themselves will look exactly how you have imagined, right down to the tone and hue of your chosen colours using Pantone colour technology

It All Begins With The Type Of Sock

Now that you know the design process is guided by an artist with unlimited revisions you’re probably thinking, sounds good but won’t the process itself be difficult? I’m not an artist…how can I correctly convey my design? We’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve decided to provide the best swag/gift item you can find, Sockrates Custom Socks, of course, we send you a design package complete with everything you’ll need to bring your vision to life. We offer five design packages; athletic socks, wool socks, grip socks, cotton dress socks, or organic cotton socks. After you have chosen your sock type we send you the step-by-step directions and tips to make sure your design is perfect. As we said, we are with you every step of the way and will be available for all of your questions.

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert!

Our design consultation process is always a team effort. We want your custom socks to be perfect. You can rely on our expertise to ensure you receive the best custom socks exactly as you would expect them to be, often exceeding those expectations!

Many custom sock companies will want to educate you on every single aspect of sock making but there are really only a few things you need to know. You can feel confident that we will handle your project with care without having to “get up to speed” before you begin. Our sock design package provides you with easy-to-follow templates and tip sheets. They will help you convey how you want your sock to look without having to become an expert sock designer.

Your Sock Design Package

Canadian Marketing Association Custom Socks

Your design package includes a style guide to help you choose a style within your category. For example, if you decide to make athletic socks, you will be offered a choice of crew, knee-high, ankle, or no-show socks. There is also a design template to help you envision how the sock will be made, how to choose the colours, and a label template. That’s it! We’ll be the first to tell you there are so many interesting things to learn about socks and the processes involved in making them. If you have time you can read all about them in our blog posts but you won’t need a formal education to order from us. We like to keep things simple.

The Best Socks Are Simple Socks.

As you begin the design process, you may be tempted to pick a rainbow of colours, several wordy phrases or tags and/or a complicated logo. The maximum number of colour choices on a custom sock order is five. It’s an industry-standard because each time that the yarn colour changes the weaving machine has to cut off one colour and begin another. Extensive colour changes create bulk making the inside of the socks uncomfortable. However, we encourage you to use the colours that best represent your brand, organization or company and guarantee your colour choices will be exact, based on Pantone colours. Sock makers limit the number of colours you can use for one sock but we encourage you to be bold in your choices. The sky’s the limit with Pantone colours so choose your favourites and we’ll make it happen.

After you have chosen your colours you may want to add a logo. Overly complicated logos are a definite no-no because the more complex a logo is, the harder it is for our machines to replicate clearly. A simplified version of your logo without multiple overlays or gradients will show best on your custom socks.

One last tip we always stress is to make sure your patterns or logos don’t bleed into the heel and toe areas of the sock. Because these areas host the seams and contribute to the overall structure of the sock, you want to make sure these are the most comfortable areas. Remember, the more you add, the more bulk you’ll have between colour changes which will ultimately affect the comfort of your recipients. Basically, less is more when it comes to your sock design. Simple choices will produce the most dynamic custom socks. 

You’re Ready To Start Designing

With our simple design process, you will have all the tools you need to produce high-quality custom socks. We will deliver your order 7 days after design completion and guarantee our work. It hasn’t happened yet but if you aren’t happy with your high-quality Italian-made socks we’ll make it right. We also offer a low 100 pair minimum so you can design a few different styles of socks for your next trade show, giveaway, contest, swag offer, fundraiser, or event!

Style Fact: There are approximately 35 different styles of socks available across the world! That’s right, from regular day-to-day socks, speciality socks, holiday and special occasion socks – there’s a sock for it!