Customized Socks That Match Your Budget and Expectations

When you search for the perfect customized socks you’re often met with a choice. You either buy an overpriced pair of branded socks that might feel great and look good for a few weeks, before ultimately falling apart, or you can buy a cheap pair of custom socks that won’t feel great or look good to begin with. It’s a choice every brand manager and event planner consistently has to make. 

In the branded merch game, a lot of companies have simply accepted that their clients know these are their only options. They’ve stopped trying to improve upon their product because at the end of the day, they’re still receiving sales.

At Sockrates, that’s not what we do. We saw this problem in the market and wanted to provide our clients with a solution they could trust. A solution that not only provides them with exactly what they’re looking for in a custom sock, but aligns with their budget as well.

Our Customized Socks Are More Than What You Bargained For

We don’t require you to submit a form to view our prices and we don’t need you to purchase 5,000 pairs of socks to receive a 5% discount. Producing customized socks at a bargain price isn’t easy. In fact, it’s something a lot of our competitors still struggle with. It’s part of the reason we highlight our pricing directly on our website for all to see. Our prices make sense and are consistently one of the top reasons our clients come back for more. Our customized socks are made with small to medium-sized organizations in mind. We know budgeting is tight and we want to make your life easier. For larger organizations, the savings you’ll receive by ordering as little as 250 pairs of our custom socks makes it tough to say no as well.

Add worldwide shipping and unlimited design revisions on top of that and you get a production process that truly can’t be beaten. But we don’t just say that because we think you’ll believe us. We actively promote our process because we know how unique it is. It’s why we’ve written blogs about it and highlighted it on social media. It’s one area (among many) we are incredibly proud of.

Although, we know what you’re thinking. With great pricing comes great responsibility (to cheap out elsewhere). It’s like we said above, everyone has two choices when it comes to branded merch, so if our prices are impressive, our quality must not be. This is when we really start to knock your socks off!

Truly Customized Socks That Include a Rigorous Design Process

We’ve talked about how easy our design process is for our clients in the past, but what we haven’t talked about is how much care and thought goes into each step. 

From the moment a potential client reaches out to us, our full team of designers and socktologists (our word for sock designers) are preparing for the final, approved design board. Our designers will help you create the perfect look, by providing you with designed sockboards that include unlimited revisions. These sockboards will include multiple potential designs and can be adjusted any way you see fit. Our designers don’t stop until you absolutely love the final look.

The next step is to send the approved design(s) to our socktologists and this is really where the fun starts. It’s one thing to create the perfect design. It’s another to ensure that design is perfectly matched when it’s created on a sock. The majority of the time you’re waiting to receive your final product, we’re spending in this stage, the creation stage. 

First, our team ensures all of the elements included in your design match with the threads we use, right down to the hex code of each colour. The worst thing that could happen is you get 1,000 pairs of socks with your logo colouring switched from a light teal to a light blue. Once we’ve got the proper threads in place and the design loaded into our machines, we print off the first pair. The first pair in any order is the most important. It provides us with the opportunity to catch any discolored areas in your design, any areas where your design may stretch when produced onto a sock or any other faults that may lead to our clients not being completely thrilled with their end product. If the first pair isn’t absolutely perfect, we try again. 

It doesn’t matter how many test pairs we need to print to get your design perfect, what matters is the end-product. After all, truly customized socks require a rigorous design process.

If you’d like to get started with your own customized socks today, all you need to do is fill out a quick form and our team will be in touch!