Build Awareness And Fundraise With Custom Socks

Running a not-for-profit is different in many ways when compared to a for-profit business but one thing they have in common is the need to promote a brand. While a not-for-profit is often seen differently, branding is a major component of acquiring donations and building awareness about a cause.

We’ve worked with many organizations who are looking for ways to thank their donors, volunteers, and benefactors as well as get the word out by offering custom swag. We’ve also helped many organizations achieve their goals by offering promotional programs that give us an opportunity to give back in a way that’s meaningful to the people who spend their time trying to make the world a better place. 

Custom Swag? Now You’re Talking

If you’ve never thought about using custom swag items before, we’re here to tell you it’s a great way to connect to your following. It’s also a way to make your organization stand out and attract attention to your cause.

When it comes to what type of products you can use there is no shortage of choices out there, but there’s something special about a beautifully crafted pair of custom socks to deliver that warm and cozy feeling. Think of socks as a warm hug that will bring comfort and practicality to the recipient. 

Achieve Your Goals With Custom Socks!

You might be thinking it’s time to show your donors or volunteers your appreciation or deliver something special to the benefactors of your cause. Whatever the purpose, custom socks are a unique way to showcase your brand.

Our mercerized cotton socks, responsibly produced in Castel Goffredo, Italy, are woven from specially dyed, high-quality yarn that really makes your sock design “pop”. Our socks get noticed and that’s an important part of your promotional efforts.

You want your not-for-profit to gain recognition and a great way to do that is by sending your supporters something they can enjoy that others will notice too. We often hear stories about organizations who have ordered custom swag items only to find their promotional item hasn’t performed as well as they expected. Most items have short shelf lives with very little impact on the end-user and it’s disappointing to spend your budget on something that doesn’t really offer value that’s representative of your organization and cause.

Our customers love the results they achieve with custom socks because, beyond the socks themselves being a great item people love, they are also conversation starters. Anyone who’s ever been involved in a not-for-profit organization knows the best way to get noticed is to have other people spread the word about your cause. Custom socks will do exactly that while providing something your recipient can enjoy for years to come.

Any Occasion Is A Great Occasion For Socks!

You’re probably starting to warm up to the idea of giving away some socks but you’ve also probably started to wonder when will I give them away? Well, there are many opportunities to gift custom socks.

The holidays are an obvious choice. There’s something synonymous about December and socks; the cozy feels, the spirit of giving, stocking stuffers… the list goes on, but December is not the only time for a great gift like socks. You may be putting together a swag bag for your next fundraiser, hosting a gala, or simply looking for a way to say thank you. The possibilities for socks are endless.

You can send a pair when someone makes a donation, include them in your giveaway at fundraising sports tournaments like golf, hockey, or baseball, run contests, include them with a gift or care basket, or even sell them with the proceeds benefiting your organization. It’s easy to get creative with socks because everyone appreciates a great pair of socks!

The Easiest Promotional Purchase You’ve Ever Made!

We know you are busy with lots of important things to accomplish for your organization. At Sockrates, we appreciate the endless amount of hours it takes to keep things going. You don’t have time for complicated ordering processes. That’s why we offer an easy, stress-free way to design and purchase custom socks. With our low 100 pair minimum order, a free design consultation process, a 7 day turnaround time, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our design team works with you to design what you have in mind and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied or your money back. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, we’ll be there to make sure you feel comfortable and supported until the day the order arrives at your door. And because of our low minimum and fast turnaround time you don’t need to make a major commitment. Try us for one event or campaign and we know you’ll be back for more!

We Want To Help!

We want to share our expertise with you to help you achieve your goals so we’ve developed discount programs for our not-for-profit customers. Whether you’re ready to order or still on the fence, we’d love to hear from you! Our team members have the experience and the know-how to get you set up with the perfect sock style and design that fits your organization and use. Send us a message and we’ll handle the rest. We look forward to helping you and supporting your cause!

Fun Fact: Socks are one of the most worn garments around the world! What better way to market than to give away something you know will be used for years to come!