5 Steps to a Perfect Custom Sock Project

We have worked on and developed a process to make it easy on our clients to get fresh, creative custom socks in their hands.  

Our process is simple; reach out, send us your logo and colors and we’ll send you designs to look at. From there, we go back and forth to make the changes necessary to get to your final, perfect sock. We go to production, and boom – 7 days later you’ll have a tracking number in your hands as you track the goods leaving Como, Italy, and making its way to you.

That is the process – but the question we get a lot is, as a client, what do I need to do to make the order and creative process go as easily as possible, to yield the best results for my project and my objectives.  I’ve outlined below what I call the 5 steps to the perfect custom sock project.

Step 1:  Logos and Colors

From the outset of the project, our design team has the best shot at wowing you if your logos and colors are provided properly.  That means in high-resolution files for the logos (JPG/PNG/EPS, ), etc. and the colors are cited specifically in Pantone, CMYK, or HEX codes.   Having this gets our designers off to the best start to provide you with the best options for your custom socks.

Step 2:  Communication, Communication, Communication.

A very important part of a successful custom sock project is communication.  If there is something you don’t love we need and want to know.  Whether it be designs or our process, we want to hear your feedback so we can make it right – to the best of our ability.  If we send you a design board and not one design catches your eye – tell us to redo it, and we will.   We want you to absolutely love your custom sock – because if you love it, we know your clients and employees will as well. 

Step 3:  Timing Expectations

The best way for us to process your order is to know the exact timing when you need the socks in hand.  As we are producing so many projects, we have the ability to manage our machines in a way where we can prioritize delivery dates and expectations. Clients being upfront when they need their custom socks helps us manage the process for all clients – to ensure timely delivery to your door.  We also ask that if the delivery time frame changes after a confirmed order – we are informed early – so we can do whatever we can to adjust the time frame and get the custom socks to UPS/DHL and into your hands as fast as possible.

Step 4:  Budget Expectations

We work really hard to get the best quality at the best price in the fastest possible time frame to our clients. When the client comes to us with a set budget, we can present the best option forward in regards to styles, quantities, and premium vs standard options.  We really try to maximize the budget to get our clients the best outcome. A happy client is worth more to us than a few extra bucks and we’ll prove that to you as we work together.

Step 5:  Follow Up

Many times we ship the order and do not hear back from our clients until they need more.  We’d love to hear from you! Send us a photo of your socks (info@sockratescustom.com), or simply drop us a quick line telling us how much you like them. We love honest feedback and stand by our products with our 100% top quality and satisfaction guarantee. 

Let’s Get Started!

So there you have it! The 5 steps to a perfect custom sock deal. I’ll be honest – not all projects are perfect but if there are bumps along the way, we’ll be right there to pivot and get it back on track.

Let’s get started today on a project – and get some beautiful socks created that will represent your brand in a cool, fun, and creative way.  Start your custom sock order or email us at info@thesocktologist.com and we’ll be back in touch with you right away.