Rewarding Your Team – 5 Gift Ideas for In-Office And Remote Employees

Everyone loves being appreciated. This is especially true for employees who put their time and energy into helping your business succeed.

Employee recognition is regarded as one of the best ways to inspire employees to perform at their highest level and boost productivity.

Over 79% of employees say that receiving positive recognition motivates them to work more, while 78% express that it increases their productivity and improves their ability to handle change.

That said, we know it might be challenging to choose the best gift. Fortunately, we’ve got five perfect gift ideas for in-office and remote employees.

Gift Ideas for Your Employees

1. Customized Socks

Custom Socks

We might be a little biased here but we often get such positive feedback from company gifting initiatives that incorporate socks we’ve worked on. And who doesn’t love aesthetically pleasing, snuggly, and personalized socks?

Gifting custom socks that your team can wear in and out of the home is a wonderful choice. You can buy these one-of-a-kind custom socks for wholesale or bulk from Sockrates.  

We’ll take the worry out of gift-giving with a low purchase threshold, a fully customized, free design process with a professional designer, and a 7-day turnaround time. Every step of the journey, our Socktologists will help design the perfect custom socks for your team.

2. De-Stress Kit For Wellness

Every employee will love a good self-care toolkit. Don’t forget to include a yoga mat, an aroma diffuser, and perhaps a year-long subscription to an app like Calm or Headspace.

Peller Estates Box

3. Snack Box

Snacks in a box? Sounds like a great idea.

Naturally, it is. Snack boxes are essential gift baskets with a focus on food. They make excellent gifts, catering to everyone’s tastes with sweet and salty snacks.

4. Corporate Swag

Duckie Town Custom Sock Swag

Your employees will love to wear your brand proudly, whether working in the office or from home. Stylish branded hoodies, sock swag, gloves, and face masks are terrific ways to show appreciation and inspire team spirit. 

Corporate swag is a fun way to recognize the team members who contribute to the success of your business, while also raising brand awareness. 

5. Tech Gifts

Small tech presents make excellent employee gifts, especially for remote team members. Although people might not buy themselves work-related equipment, they will undoubtedly appreciate (and use it). Here are a few tech gift ideas:

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Noise-canceling or wireless headphones
  • Laptop bags
  • Power banks

Delivering the Perfect Gift

Employee gifts don’t have to be difficult to plan or deliver. For all your gifting requirements, we have a full range of options. We are happy to offer ideas about what your custom gifting program could look (and feel) like to inspire productivity and team spirit. Send us a message or get a quote with